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Railway shipments

The most shipments in Russia are being delivered by railway. The total length of track used by the Russian Railways is, at about 86 km, one of the largest in the world. Russian Railways operate rail services throughout the country, using mostly electric trains as well as some diesel ones, on the non-electrified railway sections.

When you are shipping large and heavy freight, especially to another regions that do not have good roads like north of the country, Far East or Siberia, rail freight is your best and least expensive mode of transportation that does not depend on weather.

Our company offers a range of rail freight services within Russia, CIS, and Europe:

  • Rail transportation from any big city
  • Delivery of shipment to consignee's warehouse
  • Monitoring of shipment along the route with regular information of customer
  • Rail transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes
  • Additional services like packaging, marking, insurance, chocks, etc.


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